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Sheila dungeons dragons shiela sheila

Sheila's Shrine

Created: 1/7/2002

Welcome to the shrine I created for Shiela from the animated series of Dungeons and Dragons. The show was about six young people ranging in age from 8 to late teens who got caught in a portal and were transported to another universe. They are befriended by Dungeon master, a powerful sorcerer, and they spend their time looking for a way back to their world, usually blowing it because they help some strangers instead.

Shiela was the best part of an otherwise stupid show. The cute little redhead had a useless cloak that let her turn invisible. The writers were hard pressed to have her use it for any legitimate puprose more than once or twice. But who really cares? She was damned hot and turning her invisible just kept you from seeing it anyway.

Shiela was the thief and wore a very short skirt and boots. Her miniskirt ended just above the boots. It made it all the more special when you could catch a glimpse of her. Unlike Diane who was always dressed in a bikini, you had to watch longer to catch Shiela in a hot position, but it was much more arousing when you did.

I have collected a good number of image sequences captured from the show. They'll save you watching many episodes to see Shiela in good positions. This isn't a complete gallery, but there are pics from most of her better episodes. Click on one of the gallery links below. You can click on one of the pictures to download an entire sequence of them. Enjoy. :)

Gallery #1 Gallery #2 Gallery #3
Beauty and the Bogbeast Eye of the Beholder The Last Illusion
Quest of the Skeleton Warrior City at the Edge of Midnight The Traitor
Servent of Evil The Dragon's Graveyard Cave of the Fairy Dragons
Hall of Bones
The Treasure of Tardos

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