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Small Sample

20. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing

Nephlyte develops an interest in Molly, and Molly casts her fate with Nephlyte's. This becomes a dangerous situation when Zoisite arrives from Queen Beryl to destroy Nephlyte. Nephlyte finds out the true identity of Sailor Moon, but the secret ends with him when he is destroyed by Zoisite trying to protect Molly.

21. Jupiter Comes Thundering In

Queen Beryl explains the story of the Seven Shadows, and how they need to find the humans that were born with each Rainbow Crystal inside them. The Negaverse gains it's first crystal from Game Machine Joe. While trying to save him, Sailor Jupiter is revealed.

22. The Power of Friendship

Molly's feeling blue after losing Nephlyte and seeks advice from a kindly old man only to discover the evil Zoisite has business with the old man too. Will Zoisite capture a Rainbow Crystal?

To make matters worse, Raye is insisting that Serena no longer be their leader. She has convinced Amy to oppose it as well. Luna is ready to reluctantly relieve Serena of her position, but Lita refuses to make it a unanimous decision, so Serena stays, but Raye and Amy refuse to fight. It is up to Lita, Serena, and Tuexdo Mask to stop Zoisite.

Tuxedo Mask ends up with the Rainbow Crystal. Serena ends up with the music box that he drops, the one that was a gift long ago.

23. Mercury's Mental Match

Zoisite attacks the school's brand new braniac, who is another keeper of a Rainbow Crystal. The Scouts try to save the boy and the crystal from Zoisite, but how does Greg know who Sailor Mercury really is?

24. An Artful Attack

Everyone's excited about a wonderful new artist, until Zoisite turns up determined to capture her Rainbow Crystal for Queen Beryl. Sailor Moon has to stop her and teach the artist that it is ok to be yourself.

25. Too Many Girlfriends

Lita still has a crush on Andrew. She runs into him and agrees to help him learn to cook, but when she gets there she finds out that Andrew has a girlfriend. When she tells Serena, both are determined to get him.

They think that they might have a chance, because Reta is scheduled to go to Aferica for two years and Andrew will be left alone. Unfortunately for Reta, it also turns out that she is a Rainbow Crystal carrier. Zoisite soon moves in for the kill and the Scouts must stop her.