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American Sailor Moon Episodes

You will find all the American episodes of Sailor Moon listed on this site. All of them have descriptions and are available on this bandwith friendly site. You may scroll down to see various episodes or jump to the one you want by typing in its number in the box below and clicking Go. Enjoy, and dont forget to BOOKMARK us!
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1. A Moon Star is Born

14-year-old schoolgirl Serena learns that she is Sailor Moon and that her destiny is to save the world from the evil Queen Beryl's Negaverse. Luna, a black talking cat, and Tuxedo Mask, who is actually her schoolmate Darien, become her protectors.

2. Talk Radio

Queen Beryl, in a quest for the source of human energy, uses a late night radio talk show called 'The Love Line' and one of her henchmen as the DJ, to entice Serena's teacher and her friend Molly to become innocent victims of the Negaverse. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Luna save their friends by exposing the show's evil intent to sap the energy humans expend on 'love'.

3. Slim City

Serena's in a panic! She's gained weight and tries to lose it quickly by starving herself and working out. Her nemesis, Queen Beryl, has also learned that humans expend a large amount of energy on crazy diets and frantic activity in the name of fitness.

Queen Beryl sends monsters, in the guise of fitness instructors to harness the energy, and the energy used to work out is fed directly to the Negaverse by putting humans in 'relaxation pods'. But eventually, Sailor Moon catches on and saves the day as she exposes the evil plot.

4. So You Want to be a Superstar

Serena's friends get stars in their eyes when a famous celebrity, Saffron, visits their school and invitesthe kids to compete in a talent contest. But does Saffron really work for Queen Beryl? Is Beryl merely using this as a ploy to sap more energy from the unwitting contestants? And does Sailor Moon come to the rescue aided by Tuxedo Mask and Luna the cat? Of course!

5. Computer School Blues

The evil Queen Beryl and her henchmen try to turn human lust for scholastic achievement and success into another dastardly scheme to sap energy from Sailor Moon and her unwitting friends. In this episode Sailor Moon meets Amy, who is discovered to be Sailor Mercury.

6. Time Bomb

Queen Beryl's henchman, Jadeite, finds a way to rig all the alarm clocks and slow time in an evil scheme to sap human energy. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts successfully break Jadeite's spell.

7. An Uncharmed Life

Bus loads of people have been disappearing from the sacred temple on Cherry Hill, where Raye, later discovered to be Sailor Mars, resides. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Luna travel through the Black Hole where the buses have been disappearing into and save everyone from the evil Jadeite.

8. Nightmare in Dreamland

Serena, Darien and the others visit Dreamland, the local amusement park, to investigate rumors that people are disappearing. The Jadeite's henchman, Dream Princess, was feeding people poisoned candy so they could be used by the Negaverse. She used her powers of hallucination and nearly captured the Scouts, but Tuxedo Mask broke the spell and the girls saved the day.

9. Cruise Blues

A dream vacation on the Sunset Romance Cruise Ship turns into a really bad trip for Sailor Moon and her scouts. The Negaverse has sent Jadeite and Titis to steal all the love energy from the humans on board. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars also learn that letting someone make you feel bad about yourself is never a good idea.

10. Fight to the Finish

The evil Jadeite challenges the three Sailor Scouts to a duel on the main runway of the local airport. Jadeite knows if he loses, Queen Beryl will punish him with Eternal Sleep condemning him to the most profound darkness forever. Queen Beryl also introduces a new soldier, an auburn-haired minion known as Nephlyte.

11. Match Point for Sailor Moon

Nephlyte has now replaced Jadeite as Queen Beryl's main henchman. We see the first signs of his rivalry with Zoisite. Nephlyte makes a claim that he can gather more energy from one person than Jedite could from a hundred. He will catch the humans when their energy is at its peak, and drain it all for the Negaforce.

He poses as a tennis coach, Maxfield Stanton. Molly's best friend, Katie Sandler, becomes a champion tennis player with the aid of a mysterious tennis racket containing super powers. Could the Negaverse and Nephylte be involved? Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts take over the court to save the day!

12. An Unnatural Phenomenon

In this episode, Serena's friend, Raye, starts dating Darien. Nephlyte chooses his next victim -- an elderly gardener who's favorite park is being demolished. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask join together to save the elderly gardener and his beautiful park.

13. Wedding Day Blues

Serena's teacher is about to get married to her boyfriend, when the Negaverse takes her over and she becomes their pawn. Her personality changes and she is no longer interested in him. Meanwhile, everyone's involved in a wedding dress sewing contest, but when Nephlyte's Black Widow casts her evil web, the Sailor Scouts are snared.

14. Shutter Bugged

The Sailor Scouts are dying to have their picture taken but the Negaverse's camera is taking more than just pretty pictures. When the Scouts expose the evil Nephlyte's ruse, he turns the lens on Sailor Moon herself!

15. Dangerous Dollies

Some beautiful dolls suddenly become frightening pawns of Nephlyte's evil forces and the Sailor Scouts have their hands full.

16. Who is the Masked Man?

When Serena gets a note inviting her to meet Tuxedo Mask at the mall she can't believe it. How could he know who she was? She again can't believe it when she finds out that every girl in her school got the same note. Everybody wonders who the notes are from, Molly and Serena both have their own ideas. Molly rushes over to ask Maxfield (Nephlyte) if he is the one.

Molly then decides to go to the mall early and meet him before the other girls show up. Nephlyte thinks that she is Sailor Moon, but soon finds out that he is mistaken. He is surprised by the odd power that Molly's love for him radiates. He begins to drain her energy. Fortunately, Serena had the same idea about going to the mall early and gets there in time.

Queen Beryl chastises Nephlyte for not killing Sailor Moon, but to Zoisites' chagrin the Queen still commends him on finding this new source of energy.

17. An Animated Mess

The evil power of the Negaverse filters into an animation studio. Jealousy, ambition and insecurity tear old friends apart and provide rich energy for the evil servants of Queen Beryl.

18. Worth a Princess' Ransom

An evening with Tuxedo Mask is cut short when Queen Beryl's evil servants come looking for the long lost Emperium Silver Crystal - the crystal that will shape the destiny of the entire universe. In order to find it, they first need to locate all the rainbow crystals hidden in different humans.

19. Molly's Folly

Nephlyte is the wrong guy to get a crush on! But Molly finds herself developing one on him anyway, thinking he's Maxfield Stanton. But all Nephlyte is after is the Emperium Silver Crystal, and only the Sailor Scouts can stop him.

20. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing

Nephlyte develops an interest in Molly, and Molly casts her fate with Nephlyte's. This becomes a dangerous situation when Zoisite arrives from Queen Beryl to destroy Nephlyte. Nephlyte finds out the true identity of Sailor Moon, but the secret ends with him when he is destroyed by Zoisite trying to protect Molly.

21. Jupiter Comes Thundering In

Queen Beryl explains the story of the Seven Shadows, and how they need to find the humans that were born with each Rainbow Crystal inside them. The Negaverse gains it's first crystal from Game Machine Joe. While trying to save him, Sailor Jupiter is revealed.

22. The Power of Friendship

Molly's feeling blue after losing Nephlyte and seeks advice from a kindly old man only to discover the evil Zoisite has business with the old man too. Will Zoisite capture a Rainbow Crystal?

To make matters worse, Raye is insisting that Serena no longer be their leader. She has convinced Amy to oppose it as well. Luna is ready to reluctantly relieve Serena of her position, but Lita refuses to make it a unanimous decision, so Serena stays, but Raye and Amy refuse to fight. It is up to Lita, Serena, and Tuexdo Mask to stop Zoisite.

Tuxedo Mask ends up with the Rainbow Crystal. Serena ends up with the music box that he drops, the one that was a gift long ago.

23. Mercury's Mental Match

Zoisite attacks the school's brand new braniac, who is another keeper of a Rainbow Crystal. The Scouts try to save the boy and the crystal from Zoisite, but how does Greg know who Sailor Mercury really is?

24. An Artful Attack

Everyone's excited about a wonderful new artist, until Zoisite turns up determined to capture her Rainbow Crystal for Queen Beryl. Sailor Moon has to stop her and teach the artist that it is ok to be yourself.

25. Too Many Girlfriends

Lita still has a crush on Andrew. She runs into him and agrees to help him learn to cook, but when she gets there she finds out that Andrew has a girlfriend. When she tells Serena, both are determined to get him.

They think that they might have a chance, because Reta is scheduled to go to Aferica for two years and Andrew will be left alone. Unfortunately for Reta, it also turns out that she is a Rainbow Crystal carrier. Zoisite soon moves in for the kill and the Scouts must stop her.

26. Grandpa's Follies

Zoisite turns up at Raye's shrine looking for a Rainbow Crystal and Raye's Grandpa is the target. Grandpa is able to use his will to escape from her first attack. Grandpa soon takes on a musician named Chad as a student, and begins acting very oddly towards him and everybody else. Raye wonders if he is getting too old to continue living at the temple.

The second time Zoisite shows up, he is turned into a monster. Now the Scouts must stop the monster witout hurting Raye's Grandpa.

27. Kitty Chaos

A little girl becomes a target for the evil Zoisite, and strangely, all the alley cats in Tokyo are after Luna. Could it be that her new friend, a fat feline who's developed a bit of a crush on Luna, is a keeper of a Rainbow Crystal?

28. Tuxedo Melvin

Molly and Melvin are both interested in each other, but neither is making the first move. It's up to matchmaker Serena to get the two together, but is telling Melvin he should act more like Tuxedo Mask really the way to do it?

Zoisite has a new plan. She wants to capture Molly to force Sailor Moon to give her the Scout's Rainbow Crystal. Sailor Moon must make the choice between giving Zoisite what she wants and saving the life of one of her best friends.

29. Sailor V Makes the Scene

There's a Sailor Moon look-alike, but is she a friend or foe? Bad news, it's Zoisite! Tuxedo Mask realizes this a little too late as she stabs him with a crystal sword. If not for the sudden appearance of Sailor Venus he would have been done for. Even surviving isn't a full victory however, for now the Negaverse knows his real identity and they will stop at nothing to get the two crystals he has.

30. A Crystal Clear Destiny

Tuxedo Mask goes one-on-one with the evil Zoisite, and the winner gets all the Rainbow Crystals. Queen Beryl and Zoisite now know the identity of Tuxedo Mask. Serena and Darien get trapped in the Crystal Tower while Darien is going to meet Zoisite for their duel. Zoisite tries to kill them.

Serena is forced to reveal to Darien that she's Sailor Moon, and Darien soon reveals that he's really Tuxedo Mask. During the duel, Malachite steals all the crystals and Zoisite stabs Tuxedo Mask in the back with a crystal. As Sailor Moon sits over his injured body, she begins to cry and the Seven Rainbow Crystals begin to react.

Malachite watches with great surprise as the crystals fly off to Serena and form the Silver Emperium Crystal before everybody's eyes. That's when Serena discovers she is the Moon Princess that they have been looking for.


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