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American Sailor Moon Episodes

You will find all the American episodes of Sailor Moon listed on this site. All of them have descriptions and are available on this bandwith friendly site. You may scroll down to see various episodes or jump to the one you want by typing in its number in the box below and clicking Go. Enjoy, and dont forget to BOOKMARK us!
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31. A Reluctant Princess

At last the Silver Emperium Crystal has been returned to the Moon Princess, but is Sailor Moon strong enough and brave enough to use it to save her friends and thwart the evil Negaverse? Tuxedo Mask tells the story of how he was a Prince of the Earth and Serena was a Princess of the Moon, and that they were once engaged. Artemis and Luna tell the Scouts of their past lives in the Silver Millennium.

32. Bad Hair Day

Serena is down in the dumps about Tuexedo Mask. Nobody can cheer her up, until Mina arrives and offers to take her out to get a makeover. The beauty salon turns out to be a Negaverse trap. Malachite found a sample of Serena's hair after the battle and his monster is scanning all the girls who come in to find and trap Sailor Moon before she can transform.

When Mina gets her hair steamed, the machine misreads her as Sailor Moon. Mina and the other girls are gassed. Sailor Moon comes and nearly kills the monster, but Tuxedo Mask stops her and demands the Silver Emperium Crystal. Mina regains her strength and calls the other Scouts just in time to save Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask warns them that when next they meet the crystal will be his.

33. Little Miss Manners

Sailor Moon decides that it's time to acquire the manners of a princess, being that she is one, and become a star pupil at finishing school. She stands out alright, but not as she would like. She can't seem to do any of the princess stuff right. The school's teacher is the Countess Rose, who watches her closley. The Countess is instructed by Malachite to find the worst student, because Sailor Moon is a clumsy and uncultured.

At the closing of the class, Serena is still not doing well. Amy, Lita, Mina, and Raye crash the party. Only Amy and Lita get selected to pass the course. As they go in to receive their certificates, the Countess becomes Polite Society and attacks them. It's up to the rest of the Scouts to defeat the monster and free all the trapped girls the monster has been holding.

When the Scouts can't stop her, help comes from an unlikely source. A brainwashed Tuxedo Mask calls the monster off. He only wants the crystal, not to hurt the Scouts. Malachite wants Sailor Moon destoryed. Polite Society becomes confused and Sailor Moon is able to stop her.

34. Ski Bunny Blues

The Scouts are set on winning the Miss Moon Princess Contest, not knowing until too late that it's nothing but a plot by Malachite to lure and capture them.

35. Ice Princess

In the days of the Moon Kingdom, Serena was one of the best ice skaters there was. When an ice rink offers free lessons, she's dying to do it. But why do they require 5 girls to come in together to get the lessons for free?

Serena does not have the skating talent she once had, because she spends more time falling on her rear than skating. Lita, however, does better than any of the others. She attracts the attention of Misha who is trying to figure out which girl is Sailor Moon, for the Negaverse.

36. Last Resort

Serena and her family go on vacation to a lake resort. Malachite detects an ancient power under the lake nearby and Queen Beryl sends Prince Darien to investigate. When he over hears Serna's mother talking about the legend of a trapped monster he awakens the monster to fight on the side of the Negaverse.

Things go awry when the monster decides that she isn't going to take orders from anybody and starts tearing things up. Even after the other Scouts show up, Prince Darien and the Scouts must team up to defeat the monster.

37. Tuxedo Unmasked

Prince Darien begins recapturing the seven Rainbow Crystal carriers, including Amy's good friend Greg. They are to be united into the Invisible Shadow. The power of the Invisible Shadow would be the downfall of the Scouts.

Amy and Jupiter try to stop Prince Darien from catching Greg. Jupiter stayed to fight Prince Darien and is easily defeated. He could easily have killed her, but instead left her unharmed and went in search of Mercury.

When he found Mercury and Greg, Mercury used her bubble attack to stop him and met with as much success as Jupiter had. After Greg was caputred and Darien had become Tuxedo Mask, she used his overconfidence to take the Dark Crystal from him and destroy it, freeing the people inside.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter soon arrive. A combined force of Jupiter and Mercury's attacks manage to disable Tuxedo Mask long enough for Sailor Moon to heal him. Just when the Scouts think they have their friend back, Beryl transports him back to the Negaverse to brainwash him again.

38. Fractious Friends

The Sailor Scouts are squabbling and Queen Beryl and her henchmen intend to take full advantage of the situation. Malachite sends Ninjana to investigage. Are the Scouts really splitting up or is it just a trick?

We soon find out that squabbling is Serena's plan to make the Negaverse think that she might switch sides. While she keeps them busy at the portal to the Negaverse, the other Scouts will scan it and try to find a way to get Tuxedo Mask back.

39. The Past Returns

The Negaverse has set up a base in the Arctic and they're planning their first attack. The Scouts go looking for a portal to the Negaverse so they can stop the attack. In one of the tunnels, the Scouts are confronted by Malachite.

The Scouts are easily overpowered and the Crescent Wand is almost lost, but it transports them to the moon and they get to see the day that the Negaverse attacked. With this, all their memories have returned. They still have Malachite to beat, though.

When the Scouts get back, Malachite is attacking Luna and Artemis as they come back down the caves. The Scouts engage him and still can't win, until they combine thier powers and Sailor Moon deflects Malachite's attack back at him. As he dies, he crys out to Zoisite that he is coming to join her. The Scouts are now ready to take on Beryl.

40. Day of Destiny

It's time for the Scouts to meet Beryl. As they make their way to the Negaverse, Queen Beryl's minions take the Scouts out one by one, until only Sailor Moon is left.

Sailor Moon reaches Beryl, but she still has an Ace to play. Prince Darien is there and fighting for the Negaverse. Sailor Moon is able to heal him at the last moment, and he saves her life by throwing a rose into Beryl's heart.

Beryl still isn't finished. As she is dying, she begs for the Negafoce's help and the two merge. The final battle begins and Sailor Moon is able to destroy Beryl.

The world is now safe, but all the people involved have lost their memories. It will take time for their memories to return.

41. The Return of Sailor Moon

Serena and the other Scouts have gone back to their old lives. None of them remember the recent battle, or even that they ever knew each other. Luna and Artemis hope that they can remain normal girls, now that the Negaverse has been defeated.

That hope is not to be. A falling meteor brings two aliens to Earth. Ann and Allan are in search of energy they need to survive. When their monster attacks, Serena must again become Sailor Moon to protect innocent people from being drained.

42. So You Want to be in Pictures

Molly is called for an audition at a movie studio. Serena tags along but they won't let her in. While waiting in the hall she sees that the Scouts have also been invited to the audition, but they walk by without recognizing her.

The movie studio has been taken over by Ann & Allan in an effort to steal the energy of the girls who came to audition. They are ready and waiting with a cardian to drain their energy. Soon the girls realize that this isn't any movie they are involved in.

Sailor Moon must come and save them from the evil Minotaur, but she's not much of a match for this monster. Luna is forced to reactivate the Scouts so that they can help Sailor Moon defeat the monster.

43. A Knight to Remember

The episode starts off with a cardian attacking a friend of Lita's. She tries to come to his rescue, but doesn't have time to transform. Her friend tries to protect her from the monster, but is hurt in the process. The cardian then mysteriously leaves. Lita swears she will destory the monster before it can hurt other people.

Meanwhile, Serena is still going ga ga over Darien and trying to get him to notice her. Ann is also still after him. Serena wonders if he'll ever recover his memories or if he might end up falling for Ann.

The Scouts get together at Raye's to find the monster using the Mars flame. They are able to locate it, but when they engage it, it defeats them all easily. The Moonlight Knight appears and helps Sailor Moon to weaken the monster, but it is Sailor Jupiter who finishes it off.

44. VR Madness

A virtual reality theatre has just opened and the Ann & Allan have plans for it. The attack comes a little too close for Serena, when she finds out that her father, her brother, and Darien are all in danger.

She transforms herself to stop the cardian, but when she tries to finish it off her tiara has stopped working! Suddenly the Moonlight Knight arrives to help, but he too is soon at the mercy of the evil cardian. But wait, Darien and the Moonlight Knight are at the same place at the same time?!?

The other Scouts soon come to the rescue and destroy the monster. Nobody is seriously hurt, but Serena is disillusioned by the fact that Darien and the Moonlight Knight are different people.

45. Cherry Blossom Time

Ann and Alan are desperately in need of energy for the Doom Tree. They set their sites on the people who come to see the cherry blossoms.

The monster they send proves to be quite formidable. It not only captures all the Scouts at once, but it also reversed Sailor Moon's transformation. She was left powerless and helpless.

Serena is transported and meets her mother, Queen Serenity. She gives Serena a new locket and access to a new scepter. Even with these, Sailor Moon has problems stopping the monster, until the Moonlight Knight distracts it long enough for her to destroy it.

46. Kindergarten Chaos

Evil villains try to steal the energy of defenseless kindergarten students by stealing an entire school bus full of kids. Serena changes into a substitute teacher to ride the bus and save the kids.

47. Much Ado about Babysitting

When Alan and Ann's cardian monster attacks a day care center, Serena and Darien are forced to become baby sitters for a small child. Serena sees it as a chance to get closer to Darien, and so does Ann!

Ann proves that she is not really a caring person when she tries and fails to fake liking kids. Darien sees through her cheap ploy. Serena helps him to take care of little Jordon and together they get him to take his first steps and say his first words.

48. Raye's Day in the Spotlight

Raye is organizing the Autumn festival and making herself the show's number one star. But her moment in the spotlight is cut short when Ann & Allan target the theater for energy drain.

49. Food Fetish

Lita is day dreaming about the Moonlight Knight. Amy and she notice all the girls around Allan when Amy mentions that he arrived at the same time as the Moonlight Knight. Lita decides to get to know him better in order to find out if he is the Knight or not, yeah right.

Ann doesn't take Lita hanging around Allan very well. She gets so angry that she attacks both Lita and Allan in the park, though her attacks are only aimed to hurt Lita. When Sailor Moon and Mercury show up the two reconcile and send a cardian against the Scouts.

50. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Darien is doing a play and Ann has her eyes set on the lead. She is convinced that kissing Darien will make him love her, and she will stop at nothing to play Snow White.

Alan is jealous and he sends a monster to gather all the energy from the audience. The monster destroys the set and attacks everybody, even Ann. The play is not exactly saved, but the audience enjoys the show and cheers the Scouts when they show up and destroy the even cardian.

51. Detention Doldrums

Miss H. is ticked because her boyfriend had to cancel and she's given Serena and Ann dention. When Miss H's boyfriend calls to say he can come, Miss H. leaves Ann and Serena alone.

They decide to settle the Darien issue once and for all. Whoever finishes the essay Miss H. assigned them first, gets Darien. The cardian that Allan chose has other ideas as it goes nuts and breaks up the competition. After they kill the monster, the competition is declared a draw.

52. Secret Garden

Ann & Allan are not at school, so Lita, Amy, and Serena go to check on them. Serena gets nosey and checks Allan's room, and the Doom Tree attacks her. She escaped, but Ann & Allan convinced her that it was just a science project.

It is finally revealed that Ann & Allan are evil aliens from the Negaverse when Ann throws Serena to the Doom Tree. The tree suddenly and violently becomes active and attacks everybody, destroying a cardian in the process.

To Be Continued

53. Treed

The final episode with Ann & Allan, this is where the full story of the Doom Tree is revealed. Serena and Darien were trapped in Ann & Allan tower and the others need come to rescure them.

Everybody is in danger. The tree attacks everybody. It nearly manges to kill Ann & Allan, but Sailor Moon stops it and reverses the damage that all the negative energy it had been fed had done to it. In the process, she also saves the life of both Ann & Allan.

54. Serena Times Two

Serena and Darien are in love and having a day in the park when a child, Rini, falls from the sky. She looks remarkably like Sailor Moon and demands the Emperium Silver Crystal. Serena's family swears she's Serena's cousin, but Serena doesn't remember having a cousin.

When villains from the future show up, Tuxedo Mask comes to save the day, but he feels an uncanny closeness to Rini. Serena becomes Sailor Moon and defeates Catsy, who escapes.

55. The Cosmetic Caper

Rini is having a strange effect on Darien. He breaks up with Serena, leaving her feeling devastated and broken-hearted. Villains from the Negamoon (the future), lead by Rubeus, are trying to take over and destroy Crystal Tokyo (the city one thousand years in the future), and another monster tries to sell cosmetics from a store filled with Negamoon energy.

56. Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Amy's off to Germany to study to be a doctor like her Mother. Her departure has come at a time when the Negamoon has launched a treacherous attack against the Sailor Scouts.

Berdie and Rubeus locate the first of the five-star point of Crystal Tokyo... an ice cream store. When they control all five of the star points, the city of Crystal Tokyo will be theirs.

Artemis, Luna and the Scouts are trapped in a deep freeze, and Sailor Mercury returns to save her friends, deciding to stay with them, and go to Germany at another time.

57. Grandpa in a Pickle

Grampa decides to branch out into his own martial arts fitness school. But when his overenthusiastic assistants turn out to be from the Negamoon, it's up to Raye and the other Scouts to save him.

58. Trouble Comes Thundering Down

Villains from the future are plotting to drive Sailor Moon out by using her greatest fear against her -- thunder. They summon a villain to create thunder, flashing lightning and heavy rain to flush out Serena but Rini gets caught instead. It's revealed that Rini must find the Emperium Silver Crystal to save Sailor Moon.

59. A Charmed Life

Mina and Lita are arguing and Serena tries to patch it up. They go on a shopping spree and find a small charm shop. Serena wants to get a charm to make Darien forgive her, so they can get back together.

The only thing they don't know is that Prisma and Avary are the ones running the shop now. They are using evil charms to get the energy to capture the Crystal Point. Serena and company have to defeat the two sisters and their powerful monster.

60. A Curried Favor

Rini's class is having a curry-making party, and Sailor Moon becomes the chef. Only things go sour when the weird sisters from the Negamoon poison the food at the supermarket.


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