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American Sailor Moon Episodes

You will find all the American episodes of Sailor Moon listed on this site. All of them have descriptions and are available on this bandwith friendly site. You may scroll down to see various episodes or jump to the one you want by typing in its number in the box below and clicking Go. Enjoy, and dont forget to BOOKMARK us!
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91. Foes United

Sailor Moon gains the respect of Uranus and Neptune, but the two Sailor Scouts remain committed to their mission.

92. Trouble On The Love Train

Trouble is brewing as Chad attacks Amara.

93. To Thine Own Self Be True

Remembering her time before becoming a Sailor V, Mina misses her pre-Scout life, especially volleyball, which she excelled.

94. Glass Shoe (Part 1)

It's Serena's birthday and what does she really want? A pair of glass slippers!

95. Birthday Blues (Second Part of Glass Shoe)

Tomoe hears of the news of Kaori's death and Eugeal is appointed as her successor.

96. Hello Scout Minimoon

Rini returns to past, but this time she's here to stay as Sailor Mini-Moon (Sailor Chibi Moon)

97. Tainted Tea Party

Tamasaburo turns herself into a "Sailor Scout" look-a-like.

98. People Who Need People

Lita learns that working alone isn't always a good idea.

99. Related By Destiny

Amara tries to escape her destiny, but is drawn to accept it by Michelle.

100. Art Appreciation

Serena serves an apple pie to the girls, but soon discovers that Rini actually baked it for Masanori, a boy in her art class.

101. Everything's Coming Up Rosy

The girls are invited to stay at a French soiree at Edward's place.

102. No Turning Back

Moon blows Uranus' and Neptune's cover to the other Scouts. Although the other Scouts still refuse to join forces, in private, Michelle speculates that they may all have the same mission.

103. Doom

Michelle's dream leads her and Uranus to believe that the heart crystals will finally be revealed.

104. The Purity Chalice

Serena is sure she can save the world without the pure heart crystals.

105. Crystal Round Up

Tomoe reports to the Sovereign of Silence, who needs pure heart crystals.

106. Rini's Risky Friendship

Rini gets ready to visit her new friend Hotaru.

107. Tough Luck For Mimet

Pluto speculates to Neptune and Uranus that the enemies want the crystals to revive the Sovereign of Silence.

108. The Shadow Of Silence

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto discuss how Rini is heir to the throne of the Silver Millennium.

109. Thorny Weather

Hotaru gets a glimpse of Darien, Serena and Rini arguing on a shopping trip and has an image of them as a family in the future.

110. Heightened Hazzard

Three scouts observe a sample of Hotaru's frightening powers.

111. It's In The Cards

Hotaru and Rini are suddenly transported into altered space.

112. Goodness Eclipsed

Hotaru disappears, but ends up being transported home as Sailor Saturn, the soldier of destruction.

113. Next In Line

Betrayal is in the air as Mimet uses Eugeal's enlarging unit to increase her size and power, allowing Telulu to simply "pull the plug" on her, leading the her destruction.

114. Flendish Ferns

After Telulu destorys Mimet, we discover that the Mugen School is the headquarters for the Department of Bad Behaviour.

115. The Science Of Love

Mugen School is holding the national high school contest, and Amy is one of the finalists.

116. Awakening

Cyprin draws all the students to Mugen School and attempts to take away their heart crystals. Professor Tomoe and Mistress 9 try to bring Pharaoh 90 to Earth.

117. Who's Really Who?

Tomoe only needs the Purity Chalice so he can herald the reign of Pharoah Ninety.

118. Darkness My Old Friend

Sailor Moon protects Mistress Nine from Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, but they imprision both Sailor Moon and Mistress Nine and demand to turn over the Purity Chalice so they can be saved.

119. Second Chance

After all that has happened, Serena is accepted as the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo.

120. Dreams Take Flight

Rini dreams of meeting Pegasus and warns him not to tell anyone of their meeting.


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