The Sailor Moon Infodex (v 3.52)

The Sailor Moon Infodex

Have you ever needed a piece of Sailor Moon info quickly and you don't have time to hunt it down on the Internet? Need to know what happened in each Sailor Moon episode, but you can't remember them all by yourself? Then check out this compact program. It's got tons of info on the show and a lot of other useful features. Best of all, it's FREE!

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Program Features:

  1. 157 American Sailor Moon episodes idexed with synopsis of each and...
  2. The ability to export all American and Japanese episodes and descriptions to a html page you can use! Example
  3. Export only episode names to html file if you'd like
  4. Information on every major villian in the American version (episodes 1-82)
  5. Information about 100% of the monsters from episodes 1-82!
  6. Listings of most characters from the show (ex. Andrew, Chad, Molly, Robert, Greg, etc.)
  7. You can now easily add your own entries to the program!
  8. A Japanese Mode that has info on the Japanese version of Sailor Moon
  9. Almost 200 Japanese episode titles indexed many with descriptions
  10. Download includes SmiLite, a java applet version of the program that you can use on your website!
  11. And More...

This program is perfect for fanfiction writers and fans of the show. You can look up almost any information an author might need quickly and easily and even save your own entries to the program if you'd like. No author or fan should be without this handy tool.


  1. Windows 95 or later
  2. About 1.5M of disk space

Sailor Moon Infodex Download

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If you can't open the file download WinZip.
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