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Episode Number: 01
Description: Desiccated Zombie
Powers: Disguise and turning victims into a zombie army, also extendable arms
Allegiance: Negaverse

The first monster to attack Earth, the Negaverse had not yet prepared for the appearance of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. The monster nearly defeated Sailor Moon and would have destroyed her had it not been for Tuxedo Mask's intervention and Luna's orders to use the tiara as a finishing move.


Episode Number: 02
Description: Another desicated zombie type
Powers: Disguise and deadly breath
Allegiance: Negaverse

This monster was a very minor player. Her sole responsibility was to be Jedeite's bodyguard. He took charge of the plan and briefly battled Sailor Moon after the monster was destroyed.

Note: Spelling on name is a guess


Episode Number: 04
Description: Hideous Blue Woman
Powers: Disguise, flight, shoots goop from her mouth
Allegiance: Negaverse

Disguised as Saffron, the monster was able to control people and make them attend her talent show. Once there, they were made to see a huge audience, even though nobody was there but the nega-monster.

Serena came in on the monster stealing the contestant's energy, but strangely the monster allowed her to escape. She soon returned as Sailor Moon and with Tuxedo Mask's help, defeated the monster.


Episode Number: 05
Description: Redskinned in a black outfit, with big black hair
Powers: Disguise, mind-control, throwing papers that acted as knives, and limited shape-shifting abilities
Allegiance: Negaverse

The perfect monster to usher in Sailor Mercury, this monster was a tech-head. She used a computer program that was placed on the student's disks at Amy's computer class. The program turned the students into mindless zombies, under the Negaverse's control. This combined with her ability to throw razor sharp sheets of paper allowed her to corner Sailor Moon.

With Sailor Moon detained she now turned on Amy. After failing to brainwash her, she created an ax and came at Amy. Fortunately, Luna saw the mark of Mercury on Amy's face and slid her the Mercury pen, so she could transform. Mercury used her bubbles and Sailor Moon was able to destroy the monster.


Episode Number: 06
Description: White-skinned woman with tatoos on her face, wore a red dress
Powers: Disguise, powers of time
Allegiance: Negaverse

The Negaverse was intent on getting massive amounts of energy quickly. What better way than to send a monster that could control time? There plan was to accelerate people using special alarm clocks. The people would then move faster and produce more energy in a short time.

Serena was affected by the clocks after her mom bought her one. Both Luna and Amy knew something was up when Serena was actually early to class for a change. After they tracked the source back to the clock store Serena got more and more agitated and transformed so they could rush in.

Once inside, Amy and Serena went through a protal to chase the monster. Sailor Moon, still under the effects of the time speed up, rushed ahead of Amy and right into a trap. She was changed into a little child, right before Amy's eyes, then she changed back.

The two Scouts tried to find the exit, using Amy's new computer, and they were close to getting out, but the monster jumped them and froze them both in place. All was lost, until Tuxedo Mask showed up in the store and destroyed the clock that gave the Nega-monster her power. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon were both freed and easily defeated the Negaverse.

Note: Spelling on the name is a complete guess.


Episode Number: 07
Description: Brown skinned with red hair
Powers: Disguise
Allegiance: Negaverse

The first monster Sailor Mars fought as a Scout left more questions than answers. The plan was to use 'good luck' charms to drain people, then get them to go on a bus, then take them to the Negaverse. Jedeite disguised himself and distributed the charms at Raye's temple.

Luna forced Serena to get on the bus that was headed to the Negaverse, and they both went along for the ride. Once they arrived they were surprised to see the bus driver turn into a Nega-monster. At the same time, Jedeite threw Raye into a warp and she landed in the Negaverse as well.

Sailor Moon used her tiara attack to distract the monster while, Raye transformed into Sailor Mars. Mars then toasted the creature. With the monster destroyed, the portal Raye came through started closing. Sailor Mercury was somehow able to hold it open, using her power, even though the portal she held open was the one that had closed right in front of her.

Then suddenly, Tuxedo Mask was in the Negaverse as well, for no apparent reason. He had latched all the busses together and was flying towards the portal, with the girls and Luna on the ground below. When they left the portal, however, they were all riding together on the bus Tuxedo Mask was driving. Very odd.

08-Dream Princess

Episode Number: 08
Description: A woman dressed as a princess/A ventriloquist's dummy
Powers: Control over robot animals, hallucinatory breath, and Apple Curse
Allegiance: Negaverse

Dream World was an amusement part set up by Jedeite set up to capture people. The Dream Princess was the spokesperson for the park, and also a Negamonster. Her powers let her cause hallucinations.

Amy was captured by the monster, along with a bunch of innocent people. Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon tried to rescue her, but Dream Princess attacked with her hallucination breath. She first attacked Sailor Moon, but hit Mars instead. A ring of flowers became a snake that nearly turned Mars into stone. She was able to use her magic to stop it.

Then Dream Princess then used a more potent attack. She made the girls think they saw Tuxedo Mask. The two became love struck and weren't able to concentrate. Dream Princess was ready to destroy them with Apple Curse, but the real Tuxedo Mask showed up and broke the spell.

The girls made a run for it and found Amy, who then changed into Sailor Mercury. They then teamed up on Dream Princess and defeated her.


Episode Number: 09
Description: A woman in a short blue dress/Woman with no face, except for her red eyes, wearing a blue jumpsuit
Powers: Disguise, control of shap-shifting warriors, and conrol of water
Allegiance: Negaverse

Titus is no ordinary Nega-monster. She and Jedite have a history. When she first appeared he treated her with disgust. That was until she came up with a plan to get the Negaverse more energy.

The plan was to set up the romantic Sunset Romance Cruise. Once people were trapped with them on the boat, they would be easy prey. The plan worked well too, except for the fact that since Amy and Raye were on the cruise without dates, the romance energy drain did not effect them.

Titus wasn't slowed down by this though, she simply called her small army of shap-shifting warriors. Ray managed to cut one in half, by swinging a folding chair, but each half soon formed itself into a new complete warrior. The two girls were held captive.

Sailor Moon arrived just in time and drew Titus away from Amy and Raye. Jedite followed to watch the battle, leaving Raye and Amy free to transform. Raye trashed the shap-shifters with a fire attack, and then the two Scouts helped Sailor Moon take out Titus. Jedite again escaped before they could get him too.


Episode Number: 11
Description: Woman with buzz-cut hair and a black jumpsuit. She had a vampire's fangs.
Powers: Magic Racket, Telekinesis
Allegiance: Negaverse

Nephlyte's first monster, Tensy attacked a friend of Molly's. Serena decided to attack it alone, to show up Raye. She transformed into Sailor Moon and attacked, but Tensy used her magic racket to trap Sailor Moon in a giant tennis ball.

Tensy then used her powers of telekinesis to bounce Sailor Moon around the court like a basketball. Sailor Moon was held helpless and could only scream and cry. Fortunately, Tuxedo Mask soon arived and freed her from the monster's trap.

Tensy then switched to shooting fireballs out of her racket. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon fought bravely, until Tuxedo Mask was able to land a successful attack. Then he collapsed. Sailor Moon destroyed the monster, but when she looked up her ally was gone.


Episode Number: 12
Description: Plant like, with purple skin
Powers: Conrol of animals, weed bombs, tentacle hair.
Allegiance: Negaverse

This monster used a park gardner's energy to arrive. She used her conrol over animals to send swarms of killer Butterflies at Sailors Moon and Mercury, while she sent squirrels to attack Luna.

Mercury used her bubbles to stop the animals, but the Nega-monster fired a weed ball that tied up Sailor Moon. Then she used her tentacle hair to capture Sailor Mercury.

Mars arrived and freed the two, but the situation looked bad when the monster started to fire two more weed bombs at them. Tuxedo Mask arrived and Sailor Moon was able to destroy the monster.

Note: Spelling is a complete guess

13-Black Widow

Episode Number: 13
Description: Red & Black, half woman, half spider
Powers: Web shooting
Allegiance: Negaverse

Nephltye sent Black Widow to drain energy for the Negaforce. She was confronted by Sailors Mars, Mercury, and Moon.

Black Widow used her web to capture Sailor Moon, but soon Mercury hit her with Mercury Bubbles. Mars then used her fireball to trash the web. Once free, Sailor Moon made short work of the monster, by using her tiara attack.


Episode Number: 14
Description: Pale-skinned woman with pointy shoulders, in purple and black swimsuit-like outfit
Powers: Trapping Ray
Allegiance: Negaverse

When Nephlyte turned Peter Fisher into a pawn for the Negavers, he created a contest to find models. Serena was one of the girls who applied. She was supposed to go infront of Peter's Nega-camera with Molly and Miss H., but Luna prevented it by damaging her swimsuit.

Serena transformed and ordered Peter to release her friends. When he refused, she attacked him well. She dodged shots, she didn't stumble once! She came right up to him and delivered a kick that knocked him out and knocked the evil camera into the nearby pool.

This was just the start of the battle, however. The camera exploded and out came this Nega-monster. Her hand shot rays that did the same thing that Peter's camera did before, but the she was much better at it. Soon she had captured Luna and Peter, and was about to capture Sailor Moon, when Mars and Mercury came to the rescue.

Mercury used her bubbles to blind the monster while Mars threw her charms at it. One little problem though, this monster was able to see through the bubbles and even able to blast every one of the charms that Mars threw at her!!! By the time the bubbles had disipated, Mars and Mercury were both captured!

Sailor Moon appeared done for, but she was able to maneuver herself infront of a mirror. When Negazoom fired her weapon, Sailor Moon jumped out of the way, and the blast hit her instead. The Nega-monster wasn't destroyed, however. Her body was badly melted, but she just really angry. Unfortunately for her, those few seconds she was delayed let Sailor Moon use her tiara attack, destroying Negazoom and freeing all the peopl who were captured.


Episode Number: 15
Description: Dark-haired resembling a store mannequin
Powers: Controling evil dolls, shooting sharp body parts
Allegiance: Negaverse

The Nega-monster from the department store, Cumeo resembled a store mannequin on steroids. She first attacked Sailor Moon with killer, vampire dolls. When Mars and Mercury arrived, and Mercury used her bubbles to blind the Nega-monster, but the killer dolls she controled still got through. Mars was able to defeat the two that came at them with her charms.

Cumeo then changed gears and started using her body parts as weapons. Her arms and legs were segmented and shot off her, aiming for the Scouts. They were sharp as knives, and she could regenerate them at will. Mercury scanned her and found that her weakness was in her right foot, but none of them could get close enough to do anything about it.

Tuxedo Mask arrived just in time and distracted her long enough for Sailor Moon to destroy her.

Note: Spelling is a complete guess

16-Leo, The Lion

Episode Number: 16
Description: Green lion with a white mane
Powers: None
Allegiance: Negaverse

This short lived monster was simply a mystical lion. It wasn't as smart as most monsters, only about as smart as a trained animal. It did have the ability to take a direct hit from the Moon Tiara Magic without flinching.

17-Gemini Warriors, The

Episode Number: 17
Description: Two warriors joined at the tails. One is orange one is blue.
Powers: Mars Fire Ignite & Mercury Bubble Blast
Allegiance: Negaverse

The Gemini Warriors are worthy of note because they used the powers of both Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. There was no reversal of an attack or some form of simulation, they had their powers and called them using the same words as Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury use. The warriors' downfall came when they argued about who's attack hurt the Scouts worse. When they argued their tails seperated and they weakened. A joint attack from Sailor Moon, Mars, and Mercury destroyed them.

18-Evil Molly

Episode Number: 18
Description: Molly with purple skin
Powers: None
Allegiance: Nephlyte

When Molly attended the ball for Princess Diamond, Nephlyte took the opportunity to use her as a pawn. He took control of Molly and had her find Princess Diamond and turn her into a pawn of the Negaverse. Molly transformed the princess then passed out and returned to normal.

18-Evil Princess Diamond

Episode Number: 18
Description: Black Ghost with Nephlyte's face
Powers: Able to drain energy
Allegiance: Negaverse

When a possesed Princess Diamond was pushed too far, she radiated power and a form similar to one of the Seven Shadow Warriors came from her. The monster's powers were quickly defeated by Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon then destroyed the monster and Princess Diamond returned to normal.


Episode Number: 19
Description: Phase 1-Ceramic masked Phase 2-Troll
Powers: Flight
Allegiance: Zoisite

Zoisite and Malachite sent this monster to Earth with the intention of stealing the Silver Moon Crystal if/when Nephlyte found it. When the monster saw Nephlyte's crystal she thought that he had found the Moon Crystal. She attempted to steal it, but it fell and Molly picked it up. When Yasha tried to attack her to get it, Nephlyte attacked her. After her mask was broken, she was shown to be a troll like creature. The Scouts destroyed her as she confronted Nephlyte.

20-The Girls

Episode Number: 20
Description: 3 masked women
Powers: The first threw exploding balls, the second sound blasts, and the final had an extending thorn arm.
Allegiance: Zoisite

These three monsters were used by Zoisite to capture Molly and lure Nephlyte into her trap. Nephlyte was able to easily defeat them, but showed mercy and did not kill them. They later got the jump on him in the park with Molly and the monster that had the thorn arm stabbed him. The energy draining thorns she stabbed him with were the cause of his death. The monsters were destroyed by Sailor Moon and company just before Nephlyte died.

21-Game Machineman

Episode Number: 21
Description: A Cyborg
Powers: Created objects from a control on his right hand.
Allegiance: Negaverse

Game Machine Joe was a Rainbow Crystal carrier. When Zoisite removed the crystal from him, he was transformed into Game Machineman. During his fight with Sailor Moon, it was revealed that Lita was really Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Moon got the Moon Crescent Wand from Luna, and transformed Game Machineman back into Game Machine Joe.


Episode Number: 22
Description: A winged boxer with bell on his belt.
Powers: Shot exploding boxing gloves.
Allegiance: Negaverse

The padre that Molly talked to about her depression turned out to be a Rainbow Crystal carrier. Zoisite showed up and took the crystal. Raye and Amy refused to fight, so it was up to Lita and Tuxedo Mask to help Sailor Moon defeat the monster and free the innocent preacher.


Episode Number: 23
Description: A lizard man in a space suit.
Powers: Scissors for both hands and shoots blades.
Allegiance: Negaverse

The boy who turned into this monster had a crush on Amy. It carried over after he became Bumboo. When Amy transformed into Sailor Mercury and tried to stop him, the monster temporarily turned against Zoisite. Zoisite soon regained control and he began attacking Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury.

Not only was this monster odd because it turned on the Negaverse, it also resisted Moon Healing Activation. It took attacks from both Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter and a special version of Moon Tiara Magic to defeat it. Sailor Moon's Tiara attached to the monster's head and drained its power. Then Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Activation successfully.


Episode Number: 24
Description: A green skinned angel with pink robes.
Powers: What she draws with her feathers comes to life.
Allegiance: Negaverse

The artist of monsters, Vena attacked by drawing pictures of rocks in the air. Those rocks then fell on their victim. Sailor Moon was nearly done for, when Tuxedo Mask pulled her out of the way of a falling rock. He went off to try and get the Rainbow Crystal from Zoisite.

Sailor Moon was then attacked again. This time the creature drew a bunch of ropes that became snakes. Fortunately, the other Scouts arrived and attacked. Sailor Moon went to find Tuxedo Mask and saved him from a deadly attack by Zoisite, but Zoisite still escaped with the crystal.


Episode Number: 25
Description: Green skinned in a swimsuit with rainbow hair.
Powers: Threw what looked like shell casings and had a magic beaker.
Allegiance: Negaverse

This monster was a tough one to beat. She shot bombs the released evil leeches on her opponents. She also had the ability to use a beaker to capture her enemy's powers and then use them herself. It took all the Scouts to defeat her.

26-No Name Given

Episode Number: 26
Description: A black creature with a large red face.
Powers: It fires blasts of wind from its mouth.
Allegiance: Negaverse

Raye's Grandpa became this monster after Zoisite stole his Rainbow Crystal. This monster was not the brightest of the bunch. He ran on four legs a lot of time. Sailor Moon was going to hit him with her tiara attack, but Raye warned her who he was. Raye hit him with a scroll to stun him and Sailor Moon then healed him.


Episode Number: 27
Description: Like a cat-werewolf
Powers: Brute force
Allegiance: Negaverse

The monster that came from Hercules the cat was a minor player. He didn't survive long or even attack anybody. The only thing he did was move to follow Tuxedo Mask when he took the Rainbow Crystal. Luna got in his way and he saved her from falling off a wall. Sailor Moon soon arrived and returned him to his former self.


Episode Number: 28
Description: Big red guy
Powers: Threw 'bush balls' that coverd and suffocated their targets.
Allegiance: Negaverse

Zoisite tried to turn Molly into a monster to force Sailor Moon to give up her Rainbow Crystal. Just before she changed Molly, Molly happened to duck. The blast hit a stuntman who was pretending to be a Power Ranger type hero. He then turned on the crowd and trapped Molly and the others in his growing bush balls.

The people were about to suffocate, Zoisite offered Sailor Moon the option of giving up her crystal to save their lives. Sailor Moon started to give Zoisite the crystal, but Tuxedo Mask showed up and stopped her. Unfortunately, Zoisite managed to get away with the last crystal after Sailor Moon toasted the monster.


Episode Number: 32
Description: Big red woman
Powers: Attachment on her right hand that she plugged weapons into
Allegiance: Negaverse

The Negaverse chose a beauty shop to trap Sailor Moon. They 'recruited' the employees, who became one big monster when they thought that they had found her.

This is one of the few monsters that Sailor Moon actually managed to do well against on her own. Had Tuxedo Mask not showed up, brainwashed and on the side of the Negaverse, she would have stopped it alone.

33-Polite Society

Episode Number: 33
Description: Blueish with shells all over her
Powers: Covers enemies in a wax coating.
Allegiance: Negaverse

Malachite enlisted the services of a finishing school instructor to trap Serena. Amy and Lita are trapped in the wax of this monster before they can do anything to stop her, but Raye, Mina, and Serena are able to heal her.


Episode Number: Episode Number 34
Description: Purple with snowballs all over her outfit
Powers: Cause Avalanches, disguise abilities, and freezing people.
Allegiance: Negaverse

Blizzard was ordered to capture Sailor Moon during a ski contest. Malachite decides that Sailor Moon must be the best skier, so Blizzard disguised herself and sabatoged the other skiers until only Raye and Serena were left.

She managed to trap them both in a pit in the snow. Raye couldn't hit her with fire and Serena couldn't get a lock on her for healing. All seemed lost until Tuxedo Mask showed up and attempted to take the cryastal. Blizzard ignored his orders to stand down and he attacked her so that Sailor Moon could defeat her.

35-Jenelle & Misha

Episode Number: Episode Number 35
Description: Misha-Pale skin and a Dracula cape Jenelle-Pale skinned wearing a two-piece bikini
Powers: Disguise

The Moon Princess was supposed to be one of the best ice skaters ever. This team of skating monsters was sent to analyze the movements of a bunch of girls to find out which one was Sailor Moon. They even managed to to trap Lita alone (or so they thought, Serena was locked in too) in the ice rink, thinking that since she skated so well she must be the Moon Princess.

Their plan was going well until going well until Jenelle went nuts with jealousy and attacked both Misha and Lita. The Negaverse's influence soon brought them back together as a team and when Serna transforms and Evil Tuxedo Mask show up they challenge the two to a skating contest.


Episode Number: Episode Number 36
Description: Woman who's lower body is a snakes.
Powers: Deadly Breath
Allegiance: Herself

In the distant past, a man and a water sprite fell in love. A woman from his village also loved him, and she became jealous and became a hideous monster.

It took the combined force of the man and the sprite to stop her and trap her at the bottom of a lake, but in the process they were weakend and rose to the sky. The monster was cursed to be miserable for all eternity.

When Prince Darien freed her, she turned on him. She was stronger than most of the Negaverse's monsters. It took the combined force of Tuxedo Mask, the Scouts, and Sailor Moon's wand to release the woman from her curse and free her.


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