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Episode Number: Episode Number 38
Description: Female Ninja
Powers: Disguise, Create Clones, a Rope Weapon, and ninja weapons
Allegiance: Negaverse

Malachite sent this spy to see if the split between the Scouts was legit or not. She was one of the smartest and best trained monsters that the Scouts were forced to fight, but not the most powerful.

40-Doom & Gloom Girls, The

Episode Number: Episode Number 40
Description: 5 women
Powers: Disguise and tenticle attacks
Allegiance: Negaverse

Queen Beryl's last monsters, these Negaverse minions were supposed to take down the Scouts before they could even reach Beryl.

The monsters used disguise power to appear to be boys that the Scouts cared about. First they appeared as Tuxedo Mask to trap Sailor Moon, then Andrew to trap Sailor Jupiter, then Greg to get Mercury, then they just attacked Venus and and Mars. Mars finished off the last of the Doom and Gloom Girls.


Episode Number: Episode Number 41
Description: A plant-based Vampire, purple with a big flower for a hand
Powers: Drains Energy, shooting tentacles
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

When this monster showed up, Luna and Artemis tried to defeat it alone. They didn't want to have to bring Serena back into the fight. She deserved to again be a normal teenager.

Luna and Artemis' attempts to stop the monster alone met with little success and Luna was forced to return Serena's memories. Serena transformed and managed to destroy the monster with the help of the cats.

Note: While this monster could talk, it appears it could only say it's own name.


Episode Number: Episode Number 42
Description: Big red woman with bull horns.
Powers: Extending horns that drain energy
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Minotaur was sent to steal the energy of the girls at a movie audition. The Amy, Raye, Mina, Lita, and Molly were invited, but the ex-Scouts didn't have their memories back. Nonetheless, they still tried to fight the monster.

When Sailor Moon arrived and attacked the creature, she found that she no longer had her Moon Crescent Wand! The monster was able to then capture her and begin draining her energy. Luna reactivated the Scouts and they were able to defeat it.

In an almost unheard of event, it was Saior Mars and Venus' combined attacks that actually destroyed the monster. Sailor Moon did not deal the final blow.

43-The Lion

Episode Number: 43
Description: Pink Lion (had a wheel that floated near it)
Powers: Evil Breath, resistant to Mars charms, standard claws
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Lita's friend is under attack and she goes to save him. He risks himself to stop the monster from hurting her, and the monster leaves, but he gets hurt.

When the Lion returned, it went against all the Sailor Scouts. It defeated their combined powers with little effort and knocked out all but Sailor Moon. She wasn't doing much better until the Moonlight Knight appeared and destroyed the wheel it used to collect energy. The monster then became very weak for a time.

Sailor Moon was more concerned with the identity of their new allie, Moonlight Knight, and let the monster get the drop on her. Jupiter woke up just in time and used all her power to fire a powerful blast of lighting that destroyed the monster.


Episode Number: 44
Description: Green Plantwoman
Powers: Tentacles that drain energy
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

The Doom Tree wasn't doing well, so Ann & Allan went in search of more energy. They set their sites on the new VR place in town.

Sailor Moon arrived and tried to stop them, but her attack failed. The Moon Tiara had quit working! The Moonlight Knight soon arrived to save the day, but he was no match for the monster either.

Fortunately, the other Scouts got there just in time. Venus and Jupiter both combined their attacks and destroyed the monster. Sailor Venus reassures Serena that her tiara might still work.

Note: Spelling on the name is a complete guess


Episode Number: 45
Description: A China Doll/Catwoman
Powers: Trapping, Extreme Speed, & Reverse Sailor Transformations Ability
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

The people looking at the cherry blossoms were taken by surprise when this cardian ambushed them. It was based in a specific tree and laid it's trap like a spider waiting for flies. Molly and Melvin were first to be drained, but soon Miss H. was as well.

The girls went looking for the cardian while Serena talked to the doctor about the drained people's conditions. The cardian sprang her trap and captured all four of the Scouts, leaving the monster's demise up to Sailor Moon and the Moonlight Knight.

This cardian demonstrated the power to transform Sailor Moon back into Serena.


Episode Number: 47
Description: White skinned woman
Powers: Open Portals, Drain energy with her hair, bubble attack
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Ann & Allan got even more deseparate than they had before. They sent this cardian to steal energy from babies.

The Scouts don't even last a short time by their standards. This monster has them all beaten before they can do much of anything. If not for the Moonlight Knight's intervention and Sailor Mercury's new freeze attack, the day would have been lost.


Episode Number: 48
Description: Blue Mermaid
Powers: Sleep Dust and Tentacle hair that drains energy
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Not a good trend for the Scouts. This cardian beat them as easily as the last one. Once again they were pretty much helpless until the Moonlight Knight showed up.

Raye was the only one conscious to fight her so she did her best after the Moonlight Knight gave her a chance. Amphibia was still doing well until she made the mistake of trashing Raye's music.

Raye got thoroughly ticked and launched a new attack. When Amphibia was weakened, the other Scouts regained their powers and Sailor Moon was able to destroy the cardian.


Episode Number: 49
Description: Red & Brown haired woman
Powers: A Sword, and Shoots Tape
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Mophead first attacked the Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter with a sword. She then attacked with a gun that wrapped them in some kind of tape. Jupiter was able to avoid her first attack with the gun, but was captured before she could launch her lighting attack.

The Moonlight Knight showed up and freed Jupiter while Mophead was dealing with the other two. Jupiter was then able to launch her new lightning attack and weaken the monster.

Mars and Venus show up just as Ann is starting to join the battle. Venus fired a blast at Ann, but Allan pulled Ann out of its path. Mars then freed Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Once Sailor Moon was free, the monster soon became moon dust.


Episode Number: 50
Description: Evil Clown
Powers: Energy Balls, Energy Draining Umbrella, Spike Launching, Electric Shock
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

Allan chose this cardian. Not exactly the best idea. For some reason, whenever Allan chose a cardian something always went wrong.

The monster attacked the play that Darien was putting on. Ann was playing the lead, Snow White, and when she came out on stage the cardian targeted her. This was the first time that a cardian had attacked either Ann or Allan. Ann was not harmed and the Scouts made short work of the monster.


Episode Number: 51
Description: Green skinn, blue hair, and a yellow outfit
Powers: Incredible Agility
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

This is by far my favorite monster. Insectia was a nutjob. There's not much other way to put it. Allan chose this cardian without Ann, and the results weren't great.

First off, he ordered her to take Darien's energy. She responded by jumping on his head and then attacking Amy's school. When Allan caught up with her the second time, Insectia just ignored him and ran off.

The third time was the best. Allan gave her a direct order to drain Darien. She responded by jumping in a nearby lake and draining the energy from the ducks!

Ann & Allan were about ready to destroy the monster themsleves, but the Scouts showed up. The Scouts did fairly poorly against the monster until the Moonlight Knight tipped the balance of power in their favor.

52-Four Face

Episode Number: 52
Description: Four faces and six hands
Powers: Shoots petals that drain energy.
Allegiance: Ann & Allan

This cardian was the final one sent by Ann & Allan. The energy it collected hurt the Doom Tree more than it helped it. The tree was reaching its limit for negative energy.

53-Doom Tree

Episode Number: 41-53
Description: Big Evil Tree
Powers: Swinging vines and projectile acid
Allegiance: None

The Doom Tree was kept alive with evil energy for too long. When it got a taste of Serena and Darien's positive energy it was finally able to rebel.

The tree nearly destroyed Ann & Allan, but Sailor Moon stopped it and healed it. Ann & Allan were also heald and became friends to the Scouts before leaving to start new lives the right way.

55-Droid ???

Episode Number: Episode Number 55
Description: Pales skinned with purple hair
Powers: Spit Acid
Allegiance: Negamoon

Birie was put in charge of taking out a future point of Crystal Tokyo, when they were not able to capture Rini. She chose this monster to assist her.

Sailor Moon faced the threat alone, because the other Scouts were not nearby when she discovered the creature. It was able to defeat her, until Tuxedo Mask arrived. She spit acid at him, but he used his cane to throw it back in her face. The monster's face was literally wiped off.

Tuxedo Mask yelled to Sailor Moon to finish it off. The blast destroyed the monster as it was still drawing it's face back on with a pencil. It was destroyed.


Episode Number: Episode Number 56
Description: Actually a normal looking woman, but with blue hair
Powers: Freeze related powers
Allegiance: Negamoon

Birdie was in charge of the mission to take the first Crystal point. Frosty was the monster she choose to assist in that goal. Frosty took over the ice cream place that held the point and began capturing people.

Artemis stumbled onto the operation and was captured. when the others came to rescue him the were in deeper than they expected. Amy was on here way to the airport to leave for her study abroad program, but at the last minute she decided that she had to stay. She got to the ice cream place in time to help the other scouts defeat the monster.


Episode Number: Episode Number 57
Description: Brunette woman in exercise outfit, little heart cut out around the naval/Big green biker chick with punk hair and spikes on her clothes
Powers: Disguise, some kind of lightning power
Allegicance: Negamoon

Rhonda was under the supervision of Catsy. They were in charge of taking Raye's temple for the Negamoon. Rhonda dominated Grandpa's class, and she ended up in a match against him. Raye saved her grandfather from being killed by the monster. Sailor Moon arrived and rescued Raye and and Grandpa, with a little help from Tuxedo Mask.

The battle wasn't over yet, Catsy attacked them. Raye transformed into Sailor Mars and was soon in a power struggle with Catsy. Mars was losing until she discovered her new power and defeated Catsy, who then escaped.

58-Droid Thunderclap

Episode Number: Episode Number 58
Description: White haired woman who carried a big drum
Powers: Create/Control storms
Allegiance: Negamoon

This has got to be one of the most pathetic attempts the Negamoon ever made at getting Princess Serena, Rini, and the Crystal. Their big plan was to make it thunder and lightning to scare them out in the open. Why they thought that scaring them would make people come out in the open instead of staying inside is anybody's guess.

In any case, it was a pretty poor monster. It attacked by running around beating it's drum and shooting lightning. It ran around, found Rini, attacked Sailor Moon, and was distracted by Tuxedo Mask long enough for Sailor Moon to destroy it.

59-Droid Gellax

Episode Number: 59
Description: A Shape-shifter, bright red
Powers: Shape-shifting
Allegiance: Negamoon

Avary and Prisma went in on this plan. They were to take over a charm shop and use the evil charms to generate enough nega-energy to capture the point. To help them, they enlisted the aide of Droid Gellax.

Gellax was a powerful monster. She had the ability to shap-shift, even to the point of shifting her way through walls, ceilings, and floors. She even had the ability to detach parts of herself to use as restraints.

The monster demonstrated a weakness for extremem cold, but was otherwise almost unstoppable. The Scouts were at her mercy, until Sailor Moon arrived. She got there just in time to destroy the monster.

60-Droid Avacodo

Episode Number: 60
Description: Darkskinned woman in a grass skirt and yellow top
Powers: Disguise, Banana Sabre, Avacodo Smash, and Rotten Egg Bombs
Allegiance: NegaMoon

Rubeus decided on a Crystal Point that was at a supermarket. Avary and Prisma vounteered to take it over. They enlisted the aide of a monster named Droid Avacodo.

The plan was to use the Dark Fruit to take over the minds of the shoppers. Avacodo caused the food to rot and aged metal and other things in the shop, until they fell apart.

Sailor's Moon and Mars took on the monster, but soon Tuxedo Mask arrived. He took on the monster, leaving the two Scouts to take on Avary and Prisma. The other Scouts soon arrived and with their help the monster was destroyed and the two sisters departed.

62-Droid Hynoptica

Episode Number: 62
Description: Dressed in a blue and green jumpsuit. There was a horn on it's head
Powers: Hypnosis Ray (from horn), teleport, and entering people's bodies.
Allegiance: NegaMoon

The NegaMoon villians had become painfully aware of the fact that the Scouts appeared when they were close to completing a goal. Their answer was a little surprise named Droid Hypnotica. The monster was able defeat Sailor Moon easily, when she tried to rescue Rini. Hypnotica simply used to put her to sleep.

The other Scouts were harder to influence and Mars was able to distract the monster and break it's hold over them, but not over Sailor Moon. Hypnotica entered Sailor Moon's body and began to drain her of all her power. She had little time left.

Luna ran to hunt down Darien. He came to her as fast as he could and when he got there he began begging her to wake up. The sound of his voice helped her to fight back and she was able to expel Hypnotica. The heros then defeated the monster.

68-Grim Man, The

Episode Number: 68
Description: Wears a dark cloak and looks vaguely similar to the Wiseman
Powers: He attacks people in their dreams
Allegiance: Negamoon

Emerald's first monster, Grim Man was used to try to destroy Rini in her dreams, since the Negamoon couldn't catch her. Grim Man used a sickle as a weapon and nearly defeated the Sailor Scouts, who entered Rini's dreams to save her. It wasn't until Rini took control of her dream and willed that the Scouts could beat him, that he was finally defeated.

Note: Spelling on name is a guess

69-Droid Marzipan

Episode Number: 69
Description: Dark skinned with pointy-bra top and punk hair
Powers: Disguise and the ability to turn objects or people into junk food
Allegiance: Negamoon

This creation was a mad chef. She used her powers to try to transform or encase innocent humans and the Scouts in junk food.

70-Droid Regalia

Episode Number: 70
Description: Dark skinned with pink star tatoo over her right eye
Powers: Disguise and using her power rings
Allegiance: Negamoon

This monster was in charge of getting people to make friendship bracelets that were tainted with nega-energy. She attacked using a variety of rings. Nightmare Rings, Lonesome Rings, Promises Rings, Isolation Rings, Enemy Rings, and True Hatred Rings were her form of attack.

Note: Spelling on name is a guess


Episode Number: 71
Description: Lightpurple skinned with blue hair, a syringe on for a left hand, and a scalpel for a right hand
Powers: Shooting syringes
Allegiance: Negamoon

Injector was responsible for a synthetic flu that went around Tokyo. Only Rini, Artemis, and Mina were immune to it's affects. Sailor Venus was forced to attack Injector alone and was losing until Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts arrived and destroyed the monster.

72-Animal Instinct

Episode Number: 72
Description: Red skinned with a whip
Powers: Control of most animals
Allegiance: Negamoon

Animal Instinct was called by Emerald to defend the Nega-point at the animal shelter. She lured people into the shelter to watch the animals do extraordinary tricks, then the animals turned on the people. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus arrived to take her on, but were greatly outnumbered by the animals. The other Scouts soon arrive to help, but Animal Instinct managed to capture all of them in chain collars. Artemis proves his value by distracting Animal Instinct long enough for Sailor Moon to escape and destroy the villain.

73-Miss Trust

Episode Number: 73
Description: Pale skinned with antennae on her head
Powers: Created clones and caused hallucinations
Allegiance: Negamoon

Miss Trust attacked the Albert Einstein School for the Gifted. It is the special school that Amy attended, and as part of the attack Miss Trust used her powers of hallucination to make all Amy's classmates think that she was a cheater. When Amy tracked down the source at the school, she was attacked by waves of Miss Trust clones. Finally, Miss Trust decided that Amy could be used to destroy the other Sailor Scouts so she used her powers of hallucination to make Amy see the Scouts mocking her and calling her a cheater and a liar. Amy was able to fight off the hallucination and destroyed Miss Trust's antennae, ending the halluciantion.

74-Doom & Gloom

Episode Number: 74
Description: Doom is white/Gloom is black
Powers: Able to sink into the ground, teleportation, and creating energy blasts and forcefields
Allegiance: Negamoon

Emerald decided this time she should hedge her bets. She sent the brothers Doom and Gloom to center nega-energy in two points at the same time. Doom was incharge of taking Rini's school and Gloom was in charge of the point in Mayfair Park. The two had the Scouts trapped in a forcefield and were frying them like bugs in a zapper until Rini's powers activated and blew Doom and Gloom out of the school. With the help of Tuxedo Mask, the two brothers were destroyed.

75-Genie of the Time Warp

Episode Number: 75
Description: White with blue hair and a white dress
Powers: Disguise and power over time
Allegiance: Negamoon

The Genie of the Time Warp was one of the more powerful villains the Scouts were forced to fight. While her offensive capabilities were limited to a weak 'time blast' and fingernail claws, her real power came when she was attacked. The Genie could reverse anybody's attack back at them. Her only weakness was that after an attack she was without her powers for a second's time. This proved her downfall when the Scouts hit her with a combined attack after Rini tricked her into using her power.


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