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and welcome to Deadlock Portal, the Internet gateway to Deadlock and Deadlock 2 and the official site of the largest Deadlock and Deadlock 2 gaming community on the Internet. Here, you can join clubs and forums that are for Deadlock and Deadlock 2 players, find the latest news in the Deadlock community, see other Deadlock web sites, and much more. So, surf the web and enjoy Deadlock Portal.

If you have Deadlock 1, and you haven't downloaded the Patch Ver. 1.1b3, click here to download it.

If you want to try out Deadlock 2, then download the Deadlock 2 demo. If you get the game, don't forget to download the Patch Ver. 1.2. Once you have Deadlock 2, play online by joining DeadlockChat.


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