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How to Play Over TCP/IP



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Hosting a Game

In order to host a Deadlock 2 game, you must start up Deadlock 2 with the Deadlock CD in your CD-ROM. Once you started the game and are in the main screen, choose multiplayer mode, TCP/IP mode, random scenario mode, and set the conditions for the game. Once you have set up the game, your computer will wait for others to join it.

For others to join it, you must give your current IP address to your opponents. You can find your IP address by using an IP address finder that's included with your computer. By going to C:\Windows\IPCONFIG.EXE, you'll be able to open the program. (File path names may vary with different computers, but most computers have the program in the path above.) Be sure to make a shortcut of the program. Once you give your IP address, wait for the players to come in and for the game to start. Make sure all Internet programs are closed. (i.e. Yahoo! Pager, e-mail client, etc.)

Joining a Game

All non-hosts need to eject their Deadlock 2 CD, close down all Internet programs (i.e. Yahoo! Pager, e-mail client, etc.), start program, choose multiplayer mode, TCP/IP mode, and enter the host's IP address. Then, wait for the game to show in the join game screen. Hit the green check mark, wait to pick your race screen, and you are on your way.