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Welcome to the Deadlock Hall of Fame. This is where you can find out information about top players, all the past founders of DeadlockChat, and players that had a positive impact on the Deadlock community. Also normal members who have done something significant to the Deadlock community will be found here. This Hall of Fame is currently divided up into the Deadlock Community Hall of Fame and the Deadlock Players Hall of Fame.

Deadlock Community Hall of Fame

Past founders of DeadlockChat and other players who have done much for the Deadlock community are listed here. 

Former Founder
CousLee was the first founder of DeadlockChat, and was the first founder to get the club going. Right after the time when NetAccolade was shut down, DeadlockChat was created, continuing the gaming in the Deadlock community. However, because of the fall of NetAccolade, the number of Deadlock players fell too. Below is what cousLee did to recover the Deadlock community.
Started DeadlockChat
Got 25+ members to join DeadlockChat
Had DeadlockChat be promoted on gaming sites
Former Founder of Administration & Site Management
Webmaster of Deadlock Portal
CousLee passed on the torch of leadership to WebmasterJohn. Since then, DeadlockChat was booming with players and with gaming. This player and founder has done a lot for this group. From creating a system of founders to make DeadlockChat work better to jumpstarting tournaments, a lot of credit is given to WebmasterJohn. Here is a list of some of what he did:
Moved Deadlock Portal and redesigned it
Got Cyberlore to help with multi-player support on MPlayer
Got 50+ members to join DeadlockChat
Jumpstarted Summer Slaughter '99
Currently updates Deadlock Portal
Former Founder of Promotion and Administration
When the position of Founder of Administration was past on to VVebman, he planned to continue what WebmasterJohn wanted to continue, as well as create a few improvements of his own. Up to this day, VVebman still contributes to the Deadlock community. Below are some of the things he did for Deadlock players during and after his term of being a founder.
Continued to promote DeadlockChat
Raised number of members in DeadlockChat to 60+
Assisted in second redesigning of Deadlock Portal
Created the Deadlock II Ladder
Former Founder of Administration
As a true player, and currently the founder of administration to DeadlockChat, barney_killer's main goal was encouraging gaming in the Deadlock gaming community. Under barney_killer, DeadlockChat has made many strides, one of which was becoming the largest Deadlock and Deadlock 2 gaming community on the Internet. There are many methods that barney_killer used to encourage gaming. Below are some of the ways that barney_killer encouraged gaming.
Got the Gamers Network to sponsor Deadlock II Ladder
Encouraged e-mail and time exchange for players to know who to play and when
Got 100+ members to join DeadlockChat
Made DeadlockChat the largest Deadlock and Deadlock 2 gaming community on the Internet

Deadlock Players Hall of Fame

All Deadlock and Deadlock 2 players who have won in one or more Deadlock/Deadlock 2 tournaments are listed below.

Champion of Spring Conquering '99
First Runner-Up of Summer Slaughter '99
First Runner-Up of Summer Slaughter '99

Champion of Summer Slaughter '99
Summer Slaughter '99

Champion of D2k Deadlock 2 Tournament
D2k Deadlock 2 Tournament

First Runner-Up of  Summer Slaughter '99