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American Sailor Moon Episodes

You will find all the American episodes of Sailor Moon listed on this site. All of them have descriptions and are available on this bandwith friendly site. You may scroll down to see various episodes or jump to the one you want by typing in its number in the box below and clicking Go. Enjoy, and dont forget to BOOKMARK us!
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61. Naughty 'N' Nice

Four weird sisters from the Negamoon arrive, and a heated showdown occurs between the sisters and the Sailor Scouts. It's revealed that the Crystal Tokyo of the future is being defended by strong female warriors sworn to protect the Royal Family -- possibly the Sailor Scouts of the future. Wiseman states that Sailor Moon looks like the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo and therefore Rini must be her daughter.

62. Prediction of Doom

It looks like Darien's found a new girlfriend, but Sailor Moon hasn't time to worry because she's been put under a spell by a monster from the Negamoon. She's been put into Eternal Sleep and only Darien can wake her. It's revealed that Darien in the future is married to Serena when she is Queen of Tokyo, and Tuxedo Mask arrives to awaken Sailor Moon, and save her.

63. Enemies No More

One of the twisted sisters from the Negamoon sets her sights to capturing Rini. Rubeus exiles her after she fails and with some help from Raye, she becomes a friend of the scouts.

64. Checkmate

A chess match between Amy and Birdie turns into a high-stakes match when Amy is turned into a pawn of the Negamoon. With help from her sister, Bridie changes sides and is healed by Sailor Moon.

65. Sibling Rivalry

It's sister versus sister when Rubeus pits the two remaining sisters against each other. The two remaining sisters attempt to convert their siblings back to their evil selves, but are in the end healed by Sailor Moon.

66. Rubius Evens The Score

Rini now knows the secret identities of the Scouts. She steals Sailor Moon's locket and crystal in an attempt to go home to the future to see her parents. She is sure that the Silver Emperium Crystal will allow her to save her mother and she thinks Serena is a dip who doesn't deserve it anyway.

Rubeus finds out from Emerald that he has only 24 hours to capture Rini and defeat the Scouts. Wiseman gives him the way by telling him the future, that Rini will try to use the locket to return to the future.

While he fails in his attempt to capture Rini, Rubeus succeeds in capturing Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. This lets him set a trap for Sailor Moon and Rini that is sure to succeed.

67. Rubius Strikes Out

With the other Sailor Scouts imprisoned in Rubeus' ship, Sailor Moon goes on board to confront him. Just as it looks like Rubeus has the best of Sailor Moon, Rini finds the source of his strength, a large dark crystal, and she manages to dislodge it. This allows Sailor Moon to defeat Rubeus, and free the Scouts. Rubeus then sets the ship to self-destruct hoping to destroy Sailor Moon, Rini, and the Scouts. The Scouts are able to teleport out with Rini and they leave Rubeus to his fate.

68. The Secret of the Luna Sphere

Eager to impress Prince Diamond, Emerald sets out to get revenge on Sailor Moon for Rubeus' death. With orders from Wiseman, she poisons Rini's dreams of her home and parents in an attempt to undermine the future Crystal Tokyo and lead Rini over to the dark crystal. They discover that the voice of the Luna Ball, Pu, is really Sailor Pluto, who guards the doorway of Time. She tells the Scouts they must travel through time, to the future, to save Rini.

69. Emerald Bakes Up Trouble

Rini recovers from her dream fevers, only to become more attached to Darien, sending Serena into a pitiful mood of self depreciation. While Serena is distracted and drowning her sorrows in cakes at an 'all you can eat' bakery grand opening, Emerald attempts to sway the populace of Tokyo over to the side of the Negamoon. Emerald is foiled however, when the sweet cakes get the better of her and she loses control of the situation.

70. Promises Fufilled

When the newest rage is 'love' bracelets, Emerald tries to take over all the people who make and wear them. When the bracelets are worn they are to promote friendship, but they are tainted and instead make the wearer very confrontational. Emerald's hope is that enough negative energy will open the doorway for the Dark Crystal of the Negamoon to lodge itself firmly in Tokyo so Prince Diamond and the Wiseman can take over. This is the episode where Serena finally finds out that Darien has been avoiding her because of the dream that predicted doom if they wed.

71. No Thanks, Nurse Venus

When the Sailors are stricken with a bad case of the flu, all the scouts fall victim to Mina's (Sailor Venus) well-intentioned, but catastrophic attempts at being nursemaid. Rini tries to help Mina and when they go to the hospital to get Serena some medicine, Emerald is waiting to infect them with the Dark Crystal Flu. The scouts arrive just in time to save Rini and Mina and stop the threat of the evil virus.

72. Dog Day For Artemis

Luna teases Artemis about several issues and he goes off to sulk. Meanwhile, Emerald tries to turn the animals of Tokyo against humans in an attempt to take over for the Negamoon. When Artemis becomes a victim of Emerald's evil plan, Luna realizes her feelings for him and comes to his aid.

73. Smart Payoff

Amy's classmates accuse her of cheating because she does so well in all her school work. Saddened, she decides to go to an extracurricular school to study to prove herself. Emerald targets the school as a breakthrough point for the Negamoon Dark crystal energy. Victim of the negaenergy, Amy thinks the other Sailor Scouts are no longer her friends and attempts to destroy them on Emerald's command.

74. Child's Play

Rini makes a new friend at school just as Emerald and her droids target the school as another entry point for the Dark Crystal Energy of the Negamoon. When Emerald fails at securing the point, Prince Diamond summons Emerald back with a change of plans per the Wiseman. Sapphire, Diamond's brother, believes the Wiseman is only out for himself and tries to warn Emerald and Diamond.

75. Future Shocked

The Scouts, Tuxedo Mask and Rini travel to the future to try and save Rini's mother and Crystal Tokyo. Sailor Pluto warns them to stay together, but they get separated in the time warp. Prince Diamond falls for Sailor Moon and vows to make her his queen. A jealous Emerald schemes to eliminate Sailor Moon and capture Rini in order to win Diamond's admiration and affections. Wiseman tells Diamond that they must convert Rini, over to the Nega side.

76. Legend of the Negamoon

The Scouts, Tuxedo Mask and Rini meet King Endymion, the King of Crystal Tokyo of the 30th Century. His striking resemblance to Tuxedo Mask reveals that Tuxedo is the future King. He explains that the people of the Negamoon once lived on Earth but were banned to Nemesis, now known as the Negamoon. They were so angered about their banishment, they vowed revenge on Earth and are close to achieving it now that they have identified Rini as the heir to the throne. Prince Diamond meets Sailor Moon and tries to win her over with hypnosis.

77. Jealousy's Just Rewards

The Wiseman convinces a captive and frightened Rini that the Sailor Scouts and her parents never loved her and that she should devote herself to him. Emerald also falls victim to Wiseman as he fools Emerald into believing she would be Queen of Crystal Tokyo with Diamond as her King if she succeeds in eliminating the Sailor Scouts. She fights to her death.

78. Birth of the Wicked Lady

Convinced she is not loved by anyone, Rini is finally swayed to the side of the dark crystal and she becomes Wicked Lady, a loyal and lethal agent of Wiseman. Meanwhile, Sapphire, fearful of Wiseman's true intentions, tries to lobby Diamond to work together to eliminate Wiseman. The Sailor Scouts try valiantly to get Rini back to her old self by trying to stimulate her memories of happy times together, but to no avail.

79. Brotherly Love

Convinced that Wiseman is only out for himself, Sapphire tries to convince his brother, Prince Diamond, to rebel with him against the evil. Diamond, however, is turned against Sapphire by Wiseman's mental manipulations. Sapphire goes to see the four sisters on present day Earth and warns them of impending doom. Meanwhile, the power of the Dark Negamoon Crystal is starting to take a hold on present day Tokyo.

80. Diamond In The Rough

Wiseman, aware of Sapphire's loss of loyalty decides to do away with him. He sends Diamond back to Earth to track Sapphire for him and when Diamond finds him, Wiseman destroys him. Diamond realizes he will now lose his love, Sailor Moon, as he has lost his brother. Sailor Moon goes into the Dark Crystal to meet Diamond face to face. Her deep love for Tuxedo Mask keeps her from falling victim to Diamond's brainwashing. Instead Diamond falls victim to Wiseman, who destroys him.

81. Final Battle

In the tradition of Sailor Moon, there is a big face off! Together, the Scouts must stave off Rini in her evil incarnation of Wicked Lady, while trying to undo the strangehold Wiseman has on her mind. Through the process of reminding Rini of all her happy memories, they break the spell. So enraged at this defeat, Wiseman attempts to destroy Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal. Rini, realizing Sailor Moon is her ally and her mother, calls upon her inner strength to use her own silver crystal. Sailor Moon turns into Neo-Queen Serenity and Rini into her empowered self and together they destroy Wiseman.

82. Follow The Leader

Still pumped from the glorious victory over Wiseman and Dark Crystal, the Sailor Scouts reminisce about all their finest battles and try to decide who deserves the most credit for all the saving they have done.

83. Star Struck, Bad Luck

The Sailor Scouts realize that they have a powerful new enemy.

84. Crystal Clear Again

Dr. Tomoe explains that the one who has the 3 pure heart crystals will be lead to the Purity Force.

85. Who's The New Hunk?

Mina and Serena meet Amara at the arcade.

86. The Idol

Neptune and Uranus return the crystal to the musician, but refuse to answer any of the other Scouts' questions about the heart crystals, including what they are and why they are so important.

87. Swept Off Her Feet

Sailor Moon gets one of the pure heart crystals, but is stopped by Uranus and Neptune until they check it out.

88. Blinded By Love's Light

Serena helps Molly and Melvin stay together and tries to enter them into a "true affections" contest.

89. Lita Borrows Trouble

Serena almost gets run over by Amara's motorcycle, but is rescued by Lita just in time.

90. Damp Spirits

Tried of being the perfect student, Amy doubts her idea of becoming a doctor like her mom and is afraid she has no real personality.


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