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American Sailor Moon Episodes

You will find all the American episodes of Sailor Moon listed on this site. All of them have descriptions and are available on this bandwith friendly site. You may scroll down to see various episodes or jump to the one you want by typing in its number in the box below and clicking Go. Enjoy, and dont forget to BOOKMARK us!
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121. No Ordinary Horsepower

Zirconia sends out the Amazon Trio again, saying they will find Pegasus so he can rule the earth.

122. Sweet Dreams

Pegasus appears in Rini's dreams and again warns that the crystal wood is in danger.

123. Baiting The Trap

Hawk Eye assures Zirconia that the trio can succeed. Hawk Eye reveals a special cage that is designed to contain Pegasus, but all they need is bait.

124. Perfect Couple

Tiger Eye targets Seori whom he approaches as a French tourist. Seori has asked Darien to meet her so that she can tell him her feelings.

125. Much Ado About Kitten

Tiger Eye targets Sister Maria, who is preparing a perfect wedding. Artemis and Venus come to the rescue.

126. A Pegusus Page Turner

Lita went to school with the author Tomoko Taksas and encourages her to become a writer. The girls set out to get her autograph but she is hiding from her public: she is suffering writer's block.

127. A Teacher's Lesson

Rini's dream of becoming a teacher is not working out. Just after she runs into Serena, she is targeted by Tiger's Eye. Sailor Moon and Mini Moon come to the rescue.

128. The Trouble With Love

The girls are studying at Darien's and over-react to smoke in the building, leaving his apartment. Raye invites him to stay at the Temple.

129. Phony Fairy

Rini meets Kitakata, the author of a book about fairies that she really likes. Fish Eye targets Kitakata. Rini follows him into the woods where Fish Eye has her convinced she is a fairy.

130. Driven Dreamer

Amy sees Natsumi giving Darien a key, which she thinks is to his apartment. Hawk Eye targets Natsumi, appearing to look like her husband.

131. Cutting It Close

Miharu is a young Samari sword girl in training. Rini invites her home and Serena visits her mother, Fuyumi, after seeing the harshness of her training.

132. Double Trouble

Mini is double booked for dates with Jack (actually Tiger's Eye) and Charlie (actually Hawk's Eye), as they compete over her.

133. Recipe For Danger

Darien offers to share his umbrella with Maya, but she rejects his offer. Meanwhile Hawk's Eye targets Maya. The Sailors Scouts come to the rescue.

134. Kicking Into High Gear

Rini is not quite sure how to react when she is invited out by Robert, a soccer star and the coolest guy at her school.

135. Beach Blanket Bungle

The girls are at the beach. Tiger Eye targets Amy. The other girls come to the rescue and have battle Ramless Pump Ponko.

136. Tutu Treachory

Serena responds to a call for dancers from Giselle. The other scouts join the class as does Fish Eye (as Faye).

137. Dutchess' Day Off

Dutchess of Amethyst is on an official visit to Tokyo, but is reported sick in bed with the flu. Rini and Serena befriend the Dutchess. Hawk Eye targets the Dutchess of Amethyst, but Tuxedo Mask comes to the rescue.

138. No Prince Charming

Raye is excited to be going to a dance. She has heard that many have met their soul mates there. The Amazon Trio targets the dance.

139. A True Reflection

The Amazon Trio targets Darien as their next victim.

140. Eternal Dreams

Time is getting short for the Trio. The magic that keeps them transformed is wearing off. Zirconia has had enough and attacks the Trio members. They would have died if not for Pegesus giving them mirrors and transporting them to his kingdom.

141. A New Nightmare

Queen Nehelenia orders Zirconia to find the person harboring Pegasus in a gold dream mirror. She calls on the Amazon Quartet to help her find the mirror.

142. Heartfelt Melody

Amy hears some music over her laptop by a well-known pianist and is deeply moved. The pianist turns out to be the Quartet's next target. Mercury becomes Super Sailor Mercury and with the help of her new Mercury Aqua Rhapsody power, the Quartet loses the battle.

143. Dreams Of Her Own

A young girl seeks to be just like Raye in everyway that she can. The star-struck girl is attacked but the quartet and the soldiers battle a mimiking monkey monster. Raye then convinces the little girl that she needs to make her own dreams.

144. Dental Dilemma

Parapara creates a cavity spell affecting kids who eat sweets. Serena and Rini visit Parapara's evil dentist.

145. Nightmare Garden

The girls all decide to volunteer to help at a fair that will raise money to build a garden. The Amazon Quartet infiltrate's the fair and the Scouts have to rescue Rini's teacher from them.

146. Vaulting To Victory

One of Rini's classmates is determined to beat his fear of vaulting. Having trouble one of the quartet befriends him to help him out and then take away his dream mirror. The scouts come to the rescue.

147. Reflections Of Reality

A park artist is accused of not drawing people accurately when in reality he draws an exact likeness. The Amazone Quartet target his dream mirror, the scouts save the day. Serena comes to terms with her imperfections thanks to a portrait from the artist.

148. Dream Believer

One of Rini's friends has the dream of flight. He becomes a target of the Dead Moon Circus.

149. Pegasus Revealed

Rini day dreams about love. She wants to be old enough to kiss Darien. Pegasus tells Rini about his world and what happend to it.

150. Rini's Lovely Rhapsody

Pegesus tells of how the golden crystal can be used to stop what happend to Elusion from happening to Earth.

151. Tomorrow's Big Dreams

The Amazon Quartet is sent to a coming out ceremony for 10 year old girls. The Quartet fails in their mission and Queen Neherenia realizes that she will have to use her own talents in order to succeed in capturing the golden crystal.

152. Day Of Night

Neherenia begins to use evil spider webs to bring about darkness in the world, forcing people to fall asleep and dream. The Scouts are ready to go on the offensive and attack her, but Pegasus tells them it is not yet the right time for attack.

153. Showtime Showdown

The girls end up helping out the Amazone Quartet put on a show. They are amazed at their talents but are unable to make the connection between the disguised quartet and their enemies.

Pegasus reveals himself to all the Sailor Scouts and tells them that the golden crystal is in his horn. He needs to find a person who can release it.

154. The Dark Legend

Queen Neherenia reveals that she'd always wanted the golden crystal and that the Moon Kingdom had kept her away from her prize. Rini also finds out that the Amazon Quartet is planning to remove Pegasus' head to get the crystal. Rini manages to save him.

Meanwhile the Scouts are captured in a maze of mirrors in the Dark Moon Circus and it just keeps getting darker outside.

155. One In The Hand

Neherenia is almost ready to take over the world. She reunites Elios' spirit with his body and uses Rini as a pawn to make him obey. Also, the story of how Neherenia met the Amazon Quartet is revealed.

156. Golden Revival

The Amazon Quartet begin to question their loyalties. They start to side with the Scouts and decide to use their Dark Circus magic to steal the crystal from Neherenia.

157. The Sweetest Dream

With her plans shattered, Neherenia decides to destroy the one thing that Sailor Moon cares most about. She throws Rini to her death and Sailor Moon falls out after her. Fortunately, Pegasus is able to save them both. The Scouts and the Quartet look forward to the future.


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